Originally Produced by Green Thumb Theatre

Nominated for two Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards in 2011, including Best Production!


Riley only seems to care about two things: being popular and playing the role of Mabel in the upcoming school production ofPirates of Penzance.  Meanwhile, Adrian isn’t sure he wants to audition at all and Morgan, a tomboy who doesn’t want anything to do with Riley and her clique, suddenly finds herself in the spotlight.  When the cast list goes up, everyone is surprised by their roles and Riley, Adrian and Morgan find themselves struggling to fit in.  What happens when you don’t want to play the part that is given to you?  Will you have the courage to break the mould and go after what you really care about?  Role Call is about the  pressure to fit in and the strength it takes to be yourself!

“i loved the show! i think it was perfect for our school setting and i cant wait for more! we were all talking about it yesterday cause that was the “action of the day” riley was funny as a police woman and morgan was cool as mable i hope you guys loved our school,cause we loved you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Chantal , Cache Creek Elementary School

“I am one of the teachers who benefited from your performance of Role Call at our school last month. Unfortunately, I do not recall the exact date, only the happiness of an engaged class. I was particularly impressed with the actors fielding questions at the end of the performance. The discussion proved to me that my students did understand the theme and social message of the play. We all had a great time, thank you so much.”
– Christopher Joy, Macdonald Elementary School

“I really liked the play because it was different than all the other plays I have seen and I hope I can see more plays from you again.”
– Puranbir, Alouette Elementary

the play was AWESOME!!!!!  I would really like you guys and girls to preform here again! GREEN THUMB RULES!”
– Liam, Alouette Elementary

“I really liked your play, It was inspiring, and entertaining! I enjoyed the performance.”
– Rebe, Alouette Elementary

LogoRecommended Audience: K – 7


  • Self Esteem
  • Peer Pressure
  • Personal Identity

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