Originally Produced by Green Thumb Theatre

***Nominated for two Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards in 2009, including Best Production!

Cast: 2 males, 1 female

Carrie and Tyler, bright young friends who have grown up together, are now being forced to face the facts that their friendship is changing.  Tyler has developed a crush on Carrie and finds out one night at a party that Carrie has her eye on his cousin, Damien.  As the evening goes on, Tyler reveals his feelings to both his cousin and Carrie.  The aftermath of his admission leads to dire results as miscommunication and deception leads to actions which change everyone’s life.

BLIND SPOT by Meghan Gardiner is the latest commission for teens by Green Thumb Theatre.  This new play looks at the pressure teens face to become sexually active as they move toward becoming adults.  It asks both girls and boys to examine the responsibilities that they have each other’s well being and to think more deeply about the potential consequences of their actions.


“It is powerfully emotional, it makes all the right connections, it highlights the role of alcohol and other drug use and abuse, the role parents must play in supervising their children, even their teenagers, and the power of peer influence.”

– Brian Hall-Stevenson, Addiction Prevention Specialist for Vancouver Coastal Health

Blind Spot is published in The Green Thumb Collection.  Click here for ordering information.