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“Meghan’s dynamic energy, her humour and rage, combine to make this an issue-led piece that won’t overwhelm your being entertained as well as educated.”~TERMINAL CITY WORLD SERVICE

“Her anger translates into energy and spot-on satire… Gardiner’s timing is sharp, her characters funny and recognizable, and (Dissolve is) overall a rewarding show.” ~THE VANCOUVER SUN

“Dissolve successfully puts learning and entertainment hand in hand. With Gardiner’s talent as both playwright and performer, it is evident that she will go far. And, hopefully, so will her message.” ~THE UBYSSEY MAGAZINE

“Dissolve definitely exceeded my expectations. In addition to making a comment on ignorance surrounding date-rape-drugs, I found myself laughing out loud at points… Not only is Meghan a wonderful role model for taking the steps to expose an issue she feels strongly about, but also for taking her career into her own hands.” ~THE CAPILANO COURIER

“Meghan is an amazing woman to whom we are all indebted to as she has transformed her own tragic experience of being victimized by drug- facilitated sexual assault into some of the most creative and successful education initiatives thatI have ever seen. The educational tools she has created are preventing such crimes being perpetrated on untold thousands of other women. For the past decade she has not only been the star of this one-woman play, but the star of what has become a one-woman public education and awareness campaign aimed at driving positive change for girls and women in British Columbia, Canada and beyond. Her strong, informed and positive voice has broken the silence around drug-facilitated sexual assault by publicly addressing its many myths and hazards. Her work has empowered her audiences to keep themselves and others safe.”

Tracy Porteous, Executive Director, Ending Violence Association of B.C.

“In December of 2006 our office became aware of the production “Dissolve”, and the impact it was having on audiences across Canada and in the United States. Members of the Toronto Police Department- Sex Crimes Unit (TPS-SCU) attended a performance in January of 2007 and observed first hand this dynamic and poignant presentation on drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA). The TPS-SCU immediately recognized the awareness that “Dissolve” brought to the issue of DFSA. Awareness to this crime is the single most effective tool any law enforcement officer can utilize to effectively reduce the incidents of DFSA. Performance art (such as Dissolve) is a unique and progressive medium which drives the message home to audience members not only as potential victims, but to create informed friends and allies trained to recognize DFSA and therefore launch preemptive strikes and intervene on behalf of the victim.”

Detective Sergeant Thomas Lynch, Toronto Police Service.

“Wow!  Dynamite performance on date rape.  Meghan, your energy, your attention to detail, your script, the music, the effective sound system tuned to your every gesture…incredible.  At times you could hear a pin drop; at other times the audience roared with laughter.  You entertained them; and, you enabled them to realize how fragile their lives are. Thank you, Meghan, for sharing your story, your creation of ‘Dissolve’ with the students and staff at Keith Lynn.  You have made a powerfully positive impact on the lives of these teenagers, encouraging them, by your performance, to take more responsibility for their own lives and the lives of others.”

Rae Shidlo, Counselor, Keith Lynn Alternate Secondary School

In response to my students desire to meet Meghan, she has come into my classroom twice to meet with my students; she has expanded on her journey to create this show, her professional acting career, and offered up advice and encouragement to those students interested in pursuing their dream – whether it be acting, advocating or educating. In reading journal reflections from my students, I can see first‐hand how influential, inspiring and thought‐provoking Meghan has been. Some comments were:

“Although I have learned about this topic many times before, I felt that this performance really got me thinking about the situation again. I think this is an extremely relevant and important issue, especially among young women. I loved Meghan’s performance and found it a very impacting way to learn about a sensitive topic.”

“I know that this will be one of the performances that I will always remember because it was so effective. I feel I can truly appreciate the time, work, skill, thought and creativity that Meghan has put into the show.”

“If more people could see this show, I think it might make teens and adults alike realize that this is a very big epidemic. I hope it helps other girls (and guys) realize the risks and what we can do to prevent it.”

Cheryl Causley, Drama Teacher, Crofton House Private School

“Dissolve” is the best program we have seen regarding sexual assault education. Sexual assault and the use of date rape drugs are growing concerns across campuses everywhere; and her presentation educates students in a way that fits well with our community and overall University mission. We so strongly support Ms. Gardiner’s mission that we have often discussed how lost we will be when she is no longer touring this show. We have not found another program that impacts our students in the personal and approachable way that “Dissolve” does each and every year. Thought Dissolve deals with a heavy issue, Ms. Gardiner has incorporated the use of comedy, mime, satire and irony- which engages the audience and impacts them in a way that we find to be incomparable to the other programs we have brought to campus previously and in her absence.”

Natalie M. Shank, University Judicial Coordinator, Assistant Director of Residence Life, The University of Portland

“I was completely moved during the performance- this show has transformation potential for any audience. It offers a genuine, powerful, thoughtful and passionate lens into how a ‘night on the town’ can alter someone’s life forever. I have worked for years in the anti-violence movement and have never seen a depiction of a ‘date rape’ drugging experience that is more powerful or moving.

Sue Brown, Campus Security Student & Safety Liaison, UBC

“Thank-you Meghan for such an inspired piece of theatre!! My 14 year old son and myself saw it last night at the ACT in Maple Ridge. This relevant and timely play has the potential to open numerous conversations on ‘consent’ ‘victimization’, ‘healing’, ‘awareness’, ‘social responsibility’, (institutional responsibility)… to name a few…. Thank you for your courage and bravery in pursuing this very personal, yet universal issue. Recently, (Sept) we have had an extremely disturbing sexual abuse case in Pitt Meadows that has traumatized many people here and your show and the discussion following the show, I believe, will serve as a catalyst for a much deeper and more vigorous investigation of these issues. Hopefully, we can have you back here to perform again for more of our high school students and parents of our students. This is precisely, in my opinion, what good theatre should accomplish. Thanks again Meghan and be well.”

Nigel Harvey, audience member, Maple Ridge ACT Theatre. 

“In all my years as an educator (25 years), I have never seen a more powerful presentation. I feel that there is a tremendous need for this type of education in schools today.”

Jay Prepchuck, Counseling Department Head, Handsworth Secondary School

“Dissolve is an outstanding piece of theatre and Meghan Gardiner gives a virtuoso performance in it. Her ability to play five different characters and “dissolve” so seamlessly from one to another was absolutely brilliant. My acting students were enthralled, entertained and moved by her performance, as was I. Her ability to play a 200 lb male bouncer outside a club has to be seen to be believed. It was incredible that this slim, gorgeous young woman could make the audience believe in that character, but we did! All of her characters were absolutely believable and with a bare minimum set she was able to conjure up a myriad of locations and a cast of characters. This was acting at its finest. The script was humorous and face paced and never descended into preaching despite her important message. A must see for anyone who wants to watch top — notch acting, and for teachers, counsellors and youth leaders who want to approach the important topic of date rape with young people.”

Carole Tarlington, Casting Director, Director – Tarlington Training