Gross Misconduct received development support from Theatre One, The Arts Club Theatre, and the Gateway Theatre. It was also a finalist in TheatreBC’s national playwriting competition. Gross Misconduct  will receive its premiere in March 2019 at the Gateway Theatre, Produced by SpeakEasy Theatre.

Cast: 3 males, 1 female

Gross Misconduct centres around Deke, a man in his early fifties who has been in Millhaven’s assessment unit for twenty years. Because of previous bad behaviour, Deke has not had a cellmate since he first arrived, so he is surprised and annoyed to learn that Corey, a “newbie”, will be joining him in his 6 X 9 foot cell. That same morning, he receives a book in the mail, a memoir which he voraciously reads. When Corey arrives with Gareth, a shady, yet overly enthusiastic prison guard, it becomes evident that the two have nothing in common and the first few days are tense and strained. All Deke wants to do is read his book. Eventually Corey makes mention of the NHL, and the two begin a spirited discussion on hockey. A bond slowly forms between them and the days look a little less bleak for them both. That is, until the enormity of their crimes is revealed and Deke must confront the urges that got him locked up in the first place. Corey is in for sexual assault, and Deke is in for killing his sister Abigail’s rapist. Tensions rise as the nature of the two crimes are debated and due to prison politics and an intolerance for sex offenders, a target is placed on Corey’s head. Gareth offers protection, but wants more of Corey than Corey is willing to give in return. Corey begs Deke for protection and Deke is then faced with a moral dilemma. Through memories and experiences created with Abigail, the book begins to slowly parallel his current situation and as events continue to unfold in the prison, Deke is brought face to face with the same decision he was forced to make twenty years ago.

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